Soja, Green, JBoog and Leilani Wolfgramm team up to bring the house down at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.

Photo by Matt Searles

I was in for a real surprise on February 17, 2015. It was the concert I had been anticipating. What a lineup.

Leilani Wolfgramm, The Green, JBoog & SOJA!
This was my first experience at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, and I must say, the sound and atmosphere was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend and see another concert at this Concert Hall any day.
The night started off opening with the beautiful Leilani Wolfgramm, stripped down to just her soothing vocals, guitar player and cajòn. She opened with a cover of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues which was beautifully done and a great mood starter. She also played her newest song Adrian which got the crowd moving in beat with her.
Next up was The Green who I’ve seen before, but this performance was unlike any other. It was overflowing with their stage presence and energy which really connected with the crowd. You could feel the emotion coming through as well as the fun and positive vibes they were sending out to the fans.

Photo by Matt Searles

Last up, and much awaited was SOJA. The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall was now packed to capacity with a sold out show. SOJA never fails to make you want to feel one with the music. Their positivity and energy shown bright with the crowds participation as we received the vibes they were sending out.

They played a great set list,  including a favorite “You and Me.”
JBoog, and Leilani Wolfgramm joined SOJA for “Easier” and then they all joined in for a performance of JBoog’s “Let’s Do It Again.” The crowd sang along in unison and roared in delight.
The Drum Set performance was out if this world, with the crowd cheering and clapping to the drums beats.
I have great respect for the lead singer Jacob Hemphill of SOJA and all he stands for.
I love the way he respects and welcomes all cultures and doesn’t believe in forcing any views on his fans. His goal is to send out the message and let each individual choose how they perceive it.
Overall, it was a concert I will not soon forget, as I left with such positivity and a whole new outlook on life.
Two thumbs up and much love for all the performer’s who made this the perfect night.
Review by Jennifer Carter
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