Locals Jax band “Sidereal” Open for Magic! at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.


Local Jacksonville Beach, Florida Beach rock band Sidereal hit the stage to warm up the crowd at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. The guys can out swinging with song off their EP “Third time’s a Charm”  and a few other of their previous album ” On The Rocks “.

If you are into the beach sound and with a horns and a little bit of groove..these guys are for you !!.. Dirty Heads and bands alike, watch out for Sidereal, they are on there way.

Sidereal is a Beach Rock band based out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida that features rich harmonies along with musical versatility influenced by various artists and a collective of different musical backgrounds.But you will many different genres thought their music, Sidereal has that the bouncy, dance-friendly Reggae style that is infused with a Rock edge. They definitely had the crowd at the PVCH on their feet dancing all around the stage.
The band consists of  Colin Paterson (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Kevin Beaugrand (Bass, Vocals), Lukas Costas (Keys, Saxophone, Guitar, Vocals), and Niko Costas (Drums). Since forming in high school, they have released a single, My Hydro (2011), a single/music video, Before I Go (2012), full length album, On The Rocks (2013) and an EP, Third Time’s the Charm (2014). Sidereal’s single and music video of the song Before I Go (2012) accumulated over 55k views online, 12k+ audio streams, and 1,000 downloads to date, as well as being heard around the world in over 20 countries. 2013’s release, On The Rocks received similar attention with over 1,600 downloads and 20k online streams to date. In July of 2013, Sidereal embarked on the band’s first national tour. Notable shows from this tour included an appearance at the Reggae In The Hills festival in Angels Camp, CA, a show at House of Blues in Hollywood, CA, and a sold out show in support of The Dirty Heads at Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL to close it all out. In January of 2014, the band released an EP titled Third Time’s the Charm which garnered mass attention when hitting the #1 position on the iTunes Reggae Album’s chart, followed by appearing on the front page of the iTunes “Top Albums Under $8” category along with such artists as Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. untitled-14

The group has been touring regionally since 2011 and nationally since 2013, performing in many iconic venues across the country. The band has headlined several successful clubs/theater tours in Florida with multiple sold-out shows as well as supporting many national touring acts such as The Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, Passafire, Less Than Jake, and more.

In April of 2014, Sidereal was awarded The One Spark Music Jurors Award at the One Spark 2014 event in Jacksonville, FL after presenting a project which they will fulfill on a Central American tour in 2015. The project is aimed at bringing musical instruments and equipment, and other arts and crafts resources to local communities across the region to provide an outlet for expressing their artistic passions. “We are looking forward to inspiring communities near and far, to feel and spread the love, joy, and fulfillment that art and music bring to us,” says Lukas Costas. After returning from Central America, Sidereal will focus on releasing their second full length album, and following it up with a national tour in support.

Make sure you get a chance to see Sidereal, before they hit it big and it cost more to see them..haha!


  • “My Hydro” rotation Planet Radio 107.3
  • “Before I Go” music video 55k+ Online Views
  • “Before I Go” single 12k+ Online Streams
  • “Before I Go” single 1k+ Downloads
  • “On The Rocks” album 1600+ Downloads
  • “On The Rocks” album 20k+ Online Streams
  • “Third Time’s the Charm” EP #1 iTunes Reggae Albums Chart
  • “Third Time’s the Charm” EP featured on iTunes “Top Albums Under $8”
  • Awarded One Spark Music Jurors Award
  • Featured on NPR August 2014

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