Progressive Metal Group The Contortionist Melt faces at at 1904 Concert Hall in Jacksonville.

METALSUCKS and THE CONTORTIONIST have announced a heavy hitting headline run with notable acts REVOCATION, FALLUJAH and TOOTHGRINDER in support. Dates started on February 7th in their hometown of Indianapolis and wrap up in Newport, KY on February 28th after covering much of the eastern half of the U.S.  “We’re excited to hit the road with all these amazing bands and play a ton of epic shows,” says vocalist Mike Lessard. “We couldn’t think of a better way to start our 2015!”

The band thrashed into Jacksonville to packed house in a small smokey bar called the 1904 MUSIC HALL. The place was packed to the back of the hall with standing room only for all the supporting bands and the head liner The Contortionist. “The Contortionist is not your typical run of the mill band. Lots of bands in this day in age are copycats or just plain old rip offs of other bands that are currently out now. This is truly an original band, from the overall look, sound and structure of the songs. I really feel this band has a bright future ahead of them!”

The band recently debuted the new video “PRIMORTAL SOUND”

Bottom heavy open chords that resonate strong enough to shake the core of the earth. Skyrocketing bursts of oscillating guitar leads layer an ominous and dark undercurrent of rhythm. While hardcore punk may be the sound that rules the day in The Contortionist these guys are a breath of fresh air if you want to hear some great progressive  Heavy Metal, it is the band’s signature brand of forward thinking heavy metal that has made them stick . you can tell the band worked hard to amass a following beyond just  Indiana through consistent regional shows, coastal touring.

Their sound smacks of a group of musicians who are locked deeply into a remarkable place of expression and creativity that is usually reserved for bands with multiple albums under their belt. While it is not uncommon lately for bands in the world of metal to experiment with melody and progression, many times these breaks from the brutal end up sounding forced, too contrived, or way too over the top in shred.  When The Contortionist venture into the realm of ambiance it actually raises the level of the song above the crushing breakdowns and demands the listener stay put for the ride.  The 1904 music hall seems to expand and fill with spacious tones just in time to be leveled with ferocity. The band is razor sharp while nailing every bit of nuance their ambitious songwriting offers. It is this ability to dole out their sounds in epic proportions through the live performance.

Set List at 1904 Music Hall

  1. (8 bit intro)

If you get a chance to see The Contortionist in your home town,. I would high recommend going.

Photos by Matt Searles

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