Yankee Slickers Bring the Blues to Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

The Yankee Slickers brought their southern blues/rock jam to the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall to a very appreciative crowd.  A local Jacksonville group, Yankee Slickers was new to me but they have definitely hooked a new fan.  A group of 3 guitars and drums, their sound is bigger than the parts.  The harmonies of both guitars and vocals by Jason Ivy and Caitlin McWilliams work so well as in Keeping Me Off Your Mind and are a listening experience.  Jason Ivy’s vocal range lends itself well to the blues genre as does the rasp of Caitlin McWilliams.  Guitar solos by Jason had the audience up on their feet several times.  The group finished their set with On Alert and were rewarded with a resounding round of applause by the audience.  I will certainly be seeing more of the Yankee Slickers.

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