Seattle Rockers “December In Red” are on ‘the way in” with upcoming sophomore album “The Way Out” – Out March 10th

December In Red” is a rock/metal band that comes from Seattle, Washington, and their new album “The Way Out” is a step in the right direction for this band.Made up of Del McGeachy (vocals), Dan Gardner (guitar), Colbey Schnelle (bass) and Marc Mercier (drums).  With styles ranging from hard-hitting metal riffs to melodic rock style transitions and choruses, this album really covers some of the greater styles in this genre.

Dan describes it best. “Our style ranges from ambient to bludgeoning,” he says. “There’s a minimalist approach in that we don’t try to overcomplicate things. At the same time, every song has its own vibe. There are no frills or gimmicks. We are who are.”

“‘Send Me A Postcard’ was inspired by the consequences of unsustainable situations,” says Del, “be those personal situations or the state of the world itself. This concept emerges again in the album title itself, The Way Out, as we are all looking for a way out of the path we are on.”

“Send Me a Postcard” is available for purchase now via iTunes.

Just by listening through this album, one can hear some of the awesome influences ranging from rock to heavy metal, and even a hint of rap, while they still maintain to keep the originality of their own work throughout all of the songs and also adaptions of styles throughout the album. Fans of artists such as Drowning Pool and Slipknot are sure to get hooked on this album within the first song because of the hard-hitting vibe and the awesome style of clean singing and the melodies throughout. One song in particular is “Hadouken”. It builds and builds into an awesome intro and sound and then chills out which, while keeping tension, also maintains to be very smooth. It does very around a bit as it does even jump into a section that includes a bit of rapping of some sorts, but the flow of the song in general is definitely catchy almost like a sort of Grunge. Be sure to be on the lookout for this band and their work!


Reviewed by Robert bloebaum


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