Concepts Screams into 2015 with their debut EP “Transitions” comes out 2/17

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Concepts is a Five piece post-hardcore band from Houston, Texas who have their debut EP “Transitions” coming out 2/17/15. Just from the first song, you will get sucked into listening to their art.

Concetps  new EP Transitions”

They play in your face with their heavy  guitar riffs and will be sure to grab your attention quick. The quality of the recording even sounds spectacular in the mix and definitely has a punch to it thanks to the mixing process and precise tones. As the songs go along you’ll encounter many awesome transitions (no pun intended) into choruses with beautifully articulated melodies like in the song “Mirrors”, that prove even more how versatile this band is. Being that it is sometimes tough keeping the heaviness of metal and include a clean vocalist and beautiful chorus at the same time, this band really pulls it off, as it doesn’t sound messy or different from their style, even if it is different from the heavy breakdowns to follow. The clean vocals provide some of the best singing range out of any band of this style that is out there right now, like in the title track ” Transitions “, and the emotion truly comes through his singing. And the dirty vocals scream and growl real hard with a bit of an original sound coming through.

Since there inception in 2011 they have gone through  challenges, and financial hardship that would leave most calling it quits. But with founding  members Aaron Isbell and Jory Nunn ,these trials and tribulations have only created a burning desire to finish what they started.
With a new line-up, new music, and growing opportunities, 2015 is sure to be a year to watch for Concepts, so be sure to check them out and pick up a copy of their EP “Transitions”upon its release, you won’t be disappointed.
Check out their Official music video for “Mirrors”

Reviewed By Robert Manzone
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