Watch Mad Season & Temple of the Dog’s Full Seattle Reunion Performances

Mad Season ReUnion show Mad Season ReUnion show

Mad Season ReUnion show photo Credit  Jim Bennett

Portions of Mad Season’s set featured the Seattle Symphony, and there was also a first portion of the show featuring new compositions from Mike McCready, with Matt Cameron playing as well.

The core lineup for the Mad Season set was Mike McCready, Barrett Martin, Chris Cornell, and Duff McKagan. Kim Virant, Matt Cameron, and Jeff Angell were guest performers on select songs. For the Temple of the Dog tracks, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron took the stage to play with Chris Cornell and Mike McCready. The show closed with Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney joining for “All Alone,” which also featured a recording of Layne Staley’s voice. You can read the full setlist below, including which guest performers appeared on which song.

Mike McCready and the Seattle Symphony:
Ashes (Inspired by Kurt Cobain)
Beyond Much Difference (inspired by Pearl Jam)
Walking the Horizon

Mad Season:
Long Gone Day
River of Deceit
I Don’t Know Anything
Wake Up (with Kim Virant)
Lifeless Dead (with Jeff Angell)
I’m Above (with Kim Virant)
Call Me a Dog (Temple of the Dog cover)
Reach Down (Temple of the Dog cover)
All Alone (with Sean Kinney) (Layne Staley’s vocals played over PA)

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