Matthew O’Neill – Campfire Cook (February 24, 2015 – Lone Pine Records)

Ontario-born/Pennsylvania-raised singer/songwriter Matthew O’Neill readies for the release of new album Campfire Cook on February 24. The self-titled first single has a natural country drawl, and the lyrics, connecting back to the title, are quite humorous and clever. It’s an empowering song and an exciting glimpse into what the new album has in store. .

O’Neill was born in Canada with a deep love of music and the outdoors. He was raised joyfully alongside his father in the Eastern Woodlands. His father died suddenly just as his music making was beginning. He started recording in high school and for years self produced his own work. In 2013, Matthew began working with Lone Pine Records, based out of Wrightwood, CA. The new album, Campfire Cook, is the result. Done in O’Neill’s own old school way, Campfire Cook, was recorded live inside a cabin in the mountains two hours east of the Pacific Coast. Bill Fiorella, founder of Lone Pine, arranged a simpatico situation. Daniel Lanois’ hand-me-down analog equipment, tape, and a self regulating source of electricity were the technology employed to capture the proceedings. The album was recorded by Tyrone Merrimer at his mountain cabin studio over the course of 3 days of live sonic conjuring. The record finds O’Neill backed up by a talented band whose members have played with the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Graham Nash, Steve Gadd, and The Magical Orchestra of Truth. Matthew lives with his family in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate NY, where he makes a living working as a mountain-style sustainable landscaper

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