Chiildren Releases New Track “O’ Child” (Produced By Michael Keene Of The Faceless) From Their Upcoming EP “The Circle Narrows”

December 12, 2014Los Angeles, California – The highly controversial, Synthetic-Metal duo Chiildren have released their newest track entitled “O’ Child” (produced by Michael Keene of The Faceless) from their upcoming EP “The Circle Narrows.” The EP, which does not yet have an official release date, also features artwork from Steven Johnson Leyba.

It has been an honor to work with producer, Michael Keene, onThe Circe Narrows EP. His knowledge and understanding of metal, industrial, and electronic music has been integral in shaping the new material from experimentation into what I hope is the perfect representation of our sound.”
Chris Zeischegg (Chiildren)

Check Out Chiildren’s “O’ Child”:


Our new song, ‘O’ Child,’ reflects an evolution from spirituality to narcissism. And the upcoming EP, The Circle Narrows, is meant as a disappropriation of symbols. It’s difficult to view ancient texts or images without the thought that their power, or significance, is irrelevant to contemporary life. If Ouroboros (the snake that eats itself) is meant as a symbol of individuation, I can only see it as a reminder that the path has narrowed and will soon run out.”
Chris Zeischegg (Chiildren)

Chiildren are not only really, really good, but wholly original. Their new track “O’ Child,” is positively infectious, highlighted equally by creepy synth leads and distorted guitar heaviness; it’s the kind of track that’s going to be stuck in your head after you finish it, and you’re gonna wanna listen again right away.

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About Chiildren:

Children is a two-piece, Synthetic-Metal band from Los Angeles, California. They fuse the automation of modern electronica with post-industrial drone, while taking inspiration from grim black metal, splatter-punk fiction, and minimal film scores.

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