The Big Ticket…Skipping School- Skipping Work was all for Rock and Roll !!

December 5th 2015 Jacksonville Fl.- It was a gray Foggy Friday in Jacksonville Florida, not the best weather for the outdoor rock festival “The Big Ticket “. The crowd was a little light being that it was a work and school day for most.But that didn’t stop some of the die-hard rockers that were lined up to get in the gate at 1pm as well as the ones partying it up in the parking lot.

As you entered Metro Park where the stages were set up, you can hear the music as the first band had already started the festival off.The more you walked into the park the louder the music got…you could smell and feel the excitement in the foggy air.The vendors were plentiful as well.There you could buy all the things you would ever want to see at a rock festival. Shirts, food, vapor type products, bags, shoes, you name i they had it.

But we know what we were all there for..THE ROCK, THE BANDS, THE EXPERIENCE, the feeling you get when you know you are going to hear some incredibly talented musicians about to take the stage, and we did, The Big Ticket did not let us down this year.

The first few band you may not know now..but I think they are going to be some great up and coming bands in the future. The alterative rock bands The Dog Apollo, Bear Hands and Speaking * Cursive all came out to warm the crowd up and they were received with open arms and loud cheers.

Sleeper Agent came on about 3:35pm on the Monster Energy stage and really got the place going with their high energy set..The lead singer Alex Kendal has a real knack for getting the crowd pumped up with the way she commands the stage and gets the crowd moving as she interacts with them .Alex said she was so glad to be back in Jacksonville and you can tell she was giving Jacksonville all that she could.

Up next was a few more well know bands, and you could tell that more people had filtered in and the metro park was filling up fast. Big Data hit the Main stage running and didn’t look back…singing many of their hits including their big hit “Dangerous” the place went wild, and they sang the song word for word with the band.

The day was really pumping now as the bands just kept on coming, like crowd favorites Young Rising Sons, Young The Giant, and J RoddyJ Roddy always puts on a fantastic show..Hi energy that really gets the people going. J Roddy’s drummer was even playing so hard that he kicked a hole in his bass drum and they had to stop and sing a country ditty as they replaced the one with the hole in it.

Alt-J and New politics put on a fantastic set. With New Politics front man getting up in the crowd and standing on the hands of people in the crowd for one song, which was pretty fantastic.

As the night wound down and the heavy hitters took the stage,the crowd was as far out as you could see, which I am sure was a great sight to see for the promoters and the radio station x102.9

Weezer was one on the major attractions for most and you can tell the crowd was buzzing with excitement as the stage was getting set for them to come on. You could see Scott Shriner and Rivers Cuomo in the far back of the stage chilling and playing Frisbee as they waited for them to be called to start. They came on to the loudest cheer of the night so far,..and played some of their greatest hits to the delight of many in the audience. River interacted well with the crowd and even did a duet with lead singer Alex Kendal from SleeperAgent, which was really outstanding.

Chevelle rocked the stage like nobody’s business as usual with their hard crunching riffs and heavy beat. The people that were wanting to hear something a little hard got what they wanted.

It was that time, the time for what almost all the people at Metro Park  were wanting to see and hear..FALL OUT BOY !!. You could feel the excitement in the air and the crowd started singing and chanting FALL OUT BOY !!!!..and then going into singing one of their most popular songs “Light em Up”. Then the lights go down and the crowd goes crazy. FALL OUT BOY hits the stage and plays all of the songs the crowd seems to know and want to hear. The crowd  surfing was non-stop from start to finish…with the boys giving them what they all were waiting for.

All in all, the show was what they wanted it to be, a great experience for all with a great mix of music for every one to enjoy. The Big Ticket Fest was another great success and another great turn out, even for a Friday concert. I think the people who didn’t go to the show because they thought the bands were kinda weak really missed out on one hell of each his own !!

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