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London, England – British rockers J.O.S.have released their eponymous debut EP– an explosive, 5 track gem proving the newly formed band’s passion for bringing music back into the rock music industry–as well as the official video for their single, “Get Up”, originally debuted on Blank TV.

Listen to and download FREE J.O.S. Self-Titled EP:

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J.O.S. isn’t about showing people how great Rock N Roll once was… it’s about showing them how great Rock N Roll will be once again.J.O.S.

Watch J.O.S. “Get Up” Official Video:

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About J.O.S.

From the heartland of The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen,Fleetwood Mac, Marshall Amps, and The Ealing Clubcomes J.O.S.

Formed in the birthplace of British rock in 2011, J.O.S. are a four piece band from Ealing, comprising of school friends John O’Shea, Rosie Botterill, Anna Thomas, and David Clark. Having faced insurmountable odds, this is a band that has seen it all and survived it all.

At the heart of this band is their unified belief, both in each other and the music they play. Lifelong Guns N’ Roses fans, this is a band that grew up in the heyday of Nirvana andOasis, and remember a time when Rock music mattered not just to rock music fans, but to the world.

J.O.S. believe we live in an age of lowered expectations, where tweets mean more than tracks, where social media means more than song writing and where ‘Likes’ mean more than real fans. In an industry where labels would rather invest in talent shows rather than songwriters, where pop stars are porn stars, where rap stars are disconnected from their roots and where rock stars have become a distant memory, J.O.S.are dedicated to putting music back at the heart of the industry, and back into the hands of musicians.

These combined passions for what they do and who they do it for is encapsulated and brought to life in their eponymous debut EP. Recorded in just 2 days, the record draws on their influences from the past and gives the listener a glimpse of what is possible for the future.

Connect with J.O.S.:

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