Dellacoma releases a new tune ” My Kinda Women” off their new album.

untitled-88Dellacoma consists of rockers Rick Reynolds on bass, Art Struck on guitar, Matt Cook on drums, Dellacoma Rio on vocals. The group just finished up a one hell of a US tour, which saw them rock out in 80 venues in just about as many days.Traveling the east coast to the west and back to the east putting in as many as 40,000 miles in a van, which included 35 acoustic shows,  and Dellacoma Rio toured 5 festivals with his clothing sponsor Rock-n-Roll Gangstar.

untitled-86They have been busy to say the least in 2014. Not only did Dellacomo Rio rip through the state on this long tour, he also moved his family to Austin TX, released a debut EP, co-wrote and recorded a debut album, signed on with a manager, moved the family back to Australia and now back in his home country of Australia.

If you ever get a chance to see Dellacoma live, you will know how they did all of this and why,.. For the love of Rock and Roll !! You will see how they got their energy to do such a long tour as well. Dellacoma Rio is a mad man in the good sense of the word,..Once the music starts he is like a Tasmanian devil just release into the wild.Non-stop for start to finish. His energy is contagious as you sit back listen to their music, and at the end of the show..all you want to do is hear more.

So keep an eye and an ear out for Dellacoma in 2015, ..You will not be disappointed !!

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