Lacuna Coil Rocked Freebird Live in Jacksonville this past Friday !!

Lacuna Coil Freebirds-51Lacuna Coil Freebirds-59Lacuna Coil Freebirds-63Lacuna Coil Freebirds-71Lacuna Coil Freebirds-75Lacuna Coil Freebirds-85Lacuna Coil Freebirds-103 Lacuna Coil rocked the Freebird Live this past Friday to a modest Friday night crowd. As usual LC came out firing on all cylinders. They had the audience right were they wanted them, rocking with the first in the air and enjoying every song they played. It was one hell of a show from the Italian gothic metal band from Milan. Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia had the crowd eating out of her hands with her piercing vocals and head banging during their set.

Civer ,Marion Crane and Sylent Vylentz supported Lacuna Coil with great set of their own to warm the crown up.


Lacuna Coil Freebirds-31-EditLacuna Coil Freebirds-9Lacuna Coil Freebirds-6Lacuna Coil Freebirds-13 Lacuna Coil Freebirds-25 Lacuna Coil Freebirds-30

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