The Steepwater Band Sign to Sun Pedal Recordings

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The Steepwater Band: left to right – Joe Winters, Tod Bowers, Jeff Massey, Eric Saylors (photo credit: Jon Usual)

(Chicago, IL) – The Steepwater Band, a blaring rock ‘n’ roll group from the windy city have signed a deal with Sun Pedal Recordings (Warner Music Group). The label is home to raucous blues-rock music like the hook-heavy band Buffalo Killers. TSB plan to release a “best of” album early next year entitled Diamond Days: The Best of The Steepwater Band 2006-2014.

Looking to their fans to help them make the tough decision of which songs will make the cut, they created a survey (found below) where fans can vote for their favorite track to make the release. Each person that votes and enters their contact information will be entered to win an autographed merch bundle from the band. In addition to songs spanning the band’s 16 year career, they will record a new version of the fan favorite “Hard As Stone” as well as a brand new track called “Silver Lining.” The record will be available digitally and on vinyl.
“The band and I are really looking forward to making some new music and being part of the Sun Pedal family,” says vocalist/guitarist Jeff Massey. “‘The Diamond Days’ compilation album will mark both the end and beginning of another chapter for us. I have a gut feeling that the folks at Sun Pedal understand rock n roll and they understand working together to make the music we want to make.”
“Silver Lining” and the new version of “Hard As Stone” will be the first studio recordings with the band’s newest member, guitarist Eric Saylors. The “best of” will be a sneak peek of the group’s new sound before they release a brand new full-length album next year. All of this new music will be recorded at Crushtone Studios in Cleveland, OH with platinum producer Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus).
“Since Eric joined the band we’ve been non-stop touring and developing a chemistry that we are excited to bring to the new studio recordings,” adds Massey. “As far as working with Jim Wirt , we couldn’t be more thrilled to have his ears and ideas involved in our music.”
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