Adult Jazz

Adult Jazz

Adult Jazz released Gist Is – one of the most anticipated and compelling debuts of 2014 – this summer, and today they premiere the video for “Am Gone.” “The video plays out some of the ideas about self-restraint and spirituality that ‘Am Gone’ throws up lyrically, but in a very physical and immediate way,” says director Sam Travis. “The central character changes from a figure to be pitied for his unfortunate circumstances to an almost menacing presence who is very much in control of their situation. Suren [Seneviratne] was great whilst filming the climactic scene with the slow rotation of the stocks which pairs the visceral and the disturbing, and a moment of cool and composed triumph. He asked us to bring him sour berries from the undergrowth to help him out with the retching.” Front man Harry Burgess simply adds, “He deserves it. He deserves it. He deserves it. He deserves it. He deserves it.” PRESS HERE to watch the video now via Stereogum.

The UK-based four-piece have also announced their very first U.S. tour dates during this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. Showcases include Windish Agency, Rough Trade, Crack In the Road, and more to be announced soon. Watch this space for updates:


PRESS HERE to watch the video for “Idiot Mantra.”


PRESS HERE to order a CD or vinyl of Gist Is, and PRESS HERE to purchase the album on iTunes.


CMJ Showcases

10/22/14                      Crack In The Road Showcase @ Pianos – PRESS HERE for tix

10/23/14                      Rough Trade Showcase @ Rough Trade NYC – PRESS HERE for tix

10/24/13                      Rough Trade Showcase @ Rough Trade NYC – PRESS HERE for tix

10/25/14                      Windish Agency Showcase @ Brooklyn Bowl – PRESS HERE for tix

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