Jack White makes his first ever stop in Jacksonville Florida, And put of a show of a lifetime for many !

Jack White

Jack White at The Florida Theater

The show was in the Times-Union Center’s Moran Theater, which is rarely used for rock concerts. It was one of the loudest, rockingest shows the venue’s ever seen or heard. Surprisingly Jack Whites first show he’d ever played in Jacksonville.

White ran through his entire musical history, playing songs from his two solo gigs, his side projects and, the band that first put him in the spotlight, the White Stripes  he skipped the Stripes signature song, “Seven Nation Army,” even though the crowd requested it by chanting the riff during a break. He also threw in snippets of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and the Ventures “Walk Don’t Run” during some of his extended jams.

Jack White being who he is, he threw a few surprises, playing straight-up country for a couple of songs. He had a pedal-steel player and a fiddler in his band, though they spent most of the nights playing riffs that weren’t exactly Grand Ole Opry.

The theater was sold out, and the crowd stayed on its feet for the entire show. That sshouldn’t be a surprise — an announcer came on before the show and warned people they wouldn’t be doing a lot of sitting. “You won’t be needing those seats tonight. This is a rock ‘n’ roll show, not a poetry reading.”

Jacks five piece band had its hands full keeping up with White, who jumped from song to song (and back again a few times) all night long. His drummer played on a very simple kit and frequently stood up while playing, which is a neat trick for a drummer. The bass player switched between a standard electric bass and a huge chrome-plated stand-up bass. The fiddler also played mandolin and keyboards, and the pedal-steel player also played fiddle and theremin (that weird electric instrument you hear on “Good Vibrations”).

But White was clearly the star of the show.


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