The Pretty Reckless “Going To Hell” Tour Rocked Freebirds Live.. w/ special guest Adelitas Way,and Crash Midnight !

D7K_2281-EditThe Stage was set to have one “Going to Hell” Party!!! With Pretty Reckless tour coming through Jacksonville Florida, The stop was at Freebirds Live down at Jacksonville Beach,Set to play was The Pretty Reckless, Adelitas Way, and Crash Midnight.  We got to the venue early to see the line of fans had already started down the side of the building and quickly getting longer by the minute, and we still had an hour before the doors would open. The early eager fans wanting to get in was just a sign of the excitement that was going to happen once the doors opened at 8pm.The doors opened and the crowd that easily went all the way down a half of a block filtered in and got their spots, either bellying up to barricade at the front of the stage, or made their way up stairs to the railing on the second floor that looks down on to the stage.


With a room full of screaming devoted fans, The Pretty Reckless took the Freebird Live stage in Jacksonville Beach.They hit the stage as the background music of AC/DC “For those about to rock” filled the venue, along with the icon smoke on the stage. As the band made their way to their instruments the crowd went wild,..then the face of The Pretty Reckless made her way thrrough the fog with her hair down over her face and her signature dress with the cross on it. The band sounded great and entertained everyone.The band’s lead singer Taylor Momsen was energetic and kept the crowd pumped.The band put on a show that resembled, wait not resembled, the band put on an actual rock show! Taylor has an absolutely beautiful voice and she knows how to give a great show! Taylor was sultry & seductive, and the band was tight .The show was amazing from start to finish.The Pretty Reckless do not disappoint! High energy and great rock from a force in the rock world! Check them out, you will love The Pretty Reckless!


Hard Rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada formed in 2005 Adelitas Way hit the stage next..ADELITAS WAY NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME! I swear they get better everythime i see them they know how to put on a rock show or sure! Love these guys!! Kicking it up a notch was Rick DeJesus, Tre Stafford,Robert Zakaryan, Andrew Cushing playing songs from their latest album Stuck. Stuck,’ which features ‘Dog on a Leash,’ ‘Drive,’ ‘Different Kind of Animal’ and the title track among other standouts made there way through the set that rocked the house down. Freebird Live was rocking like it had never been rocked before. Rick and the guys had the place jumping with fist in the air and the iconic rock hand signal \m/ being thrown about.The crowds energy made it self up on stage and the band played though their set list. The Collapse came on first, followed by fan favorites like Dog on a leash, Alive and and Stuck, and ending with the killer song Invincible.It seemed like with every song that was played it go harder and faster, like hurricane barring down on the coast of Florida. The guys did a freaking fantastic job, and the fans were very appreciative for sure.These guys were friggin’ awesome! They really interacted with the fans and stayed late to sign autographs, take pictures, etc. And they rocked with their music!!




D7K_1554Boston hard-rock act Crash Midnight was the first group up.Rock n’ Roll is back! Born out of a late-night car wreck and formed on the streets of Boston by Shaun Soho (lead vocals), Bo (bass guitar), and Alex Donaldson (lead guitar), CRASH MIDNIGHT has burst onto the music scene with vintage guitar riffs, pounding drums, and searing vocals. A collision of classic 70′s festival rock with a punk swagger, their trademark sound is packing clubs and turning heads. With their exploding following and high-energy stage show, CRASH MIDNIGHT performs with all the reckless abandon of a runaway freight train and is poised to carry the torch for a whole new generation of Rock n’ Roll. They set the bar at they played some great music, and you can tell that  the crowd was getting into, with the head bobbing and swaying to the heavier tunes they played.





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