Rockstar UpRoar Fest throws down in Tampa @ the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater over the Labor Day Weekend.

Godsmack - Sully

Sully of Godsmack

Tampa Florida Aug. 30 2014 – The weather was HOT…But the music was even HOTTER at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater in Tampa Florida, who hosted the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink UpRoar Festival this past Labor Day weekend.The heat didn’t stop the hardcore fans that flocked to see some of the hottest bands on the planet.

The Festival started out with bands heating up the fans on the Festival Stage with some very well known and some not so well known bands,on the tour to try to make an name for themselves and get a fan base going tour around the country, As people started to hear the music start up on the small stage, the crown got deeper and deep, as you can see them get into the festival mood.

Sons Of Revelry

Sons Of Revelry Tampa UPROAR Fest

The One of the First bands up to fill the Amphitheater air with music was the Battle of the band winners from last year “Sons Of Revelry” .They kick the day into high gear with their Rock and Pop sound. They gave the crowd what they wanted to hear with song like “Love an Novocaine” and “Burning Down”.  Their set got the crowd moving and hyped up, just what a supporting act is suppose to do. Well done Guys !!

Three Years Hollow

Three Year Hollow @ UPROAR Fest

3 Year Hollow jumped rigth in to get the juices flowing in the hot summer heat, they sounded great and put on great show.The people that got to the show early we experiencing a treat that some late fans just missed out on.

Within Reason

Winthin Reason Tampa UPROAR Fest

 People we tried to stay cool looking for any shade they could find, but once Within Reason hit the stage the crowd was back up on its feet with arms raised and fist clinched .“Within Reason” was hit the stage running,  as they rocked out to “Demise”, “Hungry”, Remember”, and “For Lifeto end the killer music set Which definitely got the audience pumped up once again, to hear “Escape The Fate” and headlining band of the Festival Stage.. “Buckcherry” 


Buckcherry Tampa UPROAR Festival

Buckcherry.. “Lit Up”  the stage with the song of the same name, They ripped out other iconic hits like Rescue Me, Sorry and the smash hit ending the Show  “Crazy Bitch” as Rockstar UPROAR crowd sang with the band word for word and forgot about the heat and had a blast rocking out with the band.

AND THEN….Mother nature had her own noise to make and throw down some heavy beats and thundering sounds as the skies opened up with the passing thunder storm to cool everyone off and had people running for shelter from the pounding rain and wind. Most huddled down in front of the concessions stands and tents, But some just let the rain fall where ever it may and cooled them off just in time for the Main Stage to open up as the crowd start to shuffle to their seat.

As the rain left as fast as it came,.It was time for the big boy to play, that meant is was time for Pop Evil to get the party started again, with some of their kick ass tones. and that is just what they did. RIPPING up their set to a packed Amphitheater that was just dying to hear some more kick ass music, and they delivered !! You could feel the energy in the venue get higher and higher as each beat of the drums and flick of the guitar pick.


Seether Tampa UPROAR

The Amphitheater went wild as Seether hit the stage to melt some faces with their hard crunching music. The didn’t let down any of the fans and as they started off with the riffy “Gasoline”, which was followed up by “Rise Above this”. The Amphitheater energy went up another lever as Seether went into one of their more kicks ass songs “Broken” , with people going crazy jumping ,throwing their clinched fists in the air. Then, it was like everyone know what was coming last, as the guitar starting and the drums came in , everyone knows when they hear it….. “Remedy” , and the fans went freaking crazy !!

As the crowd tried to calm themselves down fom Seether, as they knew who was coming up next, One of the baddest bands in the land ” GodSmack” !!. They covered the stage up and played some tones as the Godsmacks crew got the stage ready for the show of a lifetime, and you could feel the energy in the air go up two folds in anticipation of one rock band that is known for kicking you in the teeth and leaving you with the “what the fock” look on your face, and thinking to yourself what did i just hear.


2014 UPROAR Festival Tampa,.FL

Godsmack fans and everyone with in hearing distance were about to get “smacked” in the face with some great music by one of the greatest bands on the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival  Tour. As you get the tingle of something was about to happen,  the music that keep the crowd going between sets stops and you know that something great is going to happen right in front of them..the lights go down the the music starts and the crowd goes wild , the the screen drops and the rest is history. the first song that brings the audience into a frenzy is a new song of their new album 1000HP ” Generation Day” . With hard hitting riffs and thrusting beats of the bass,..this song hit it out of the park. Every song after that just got better and they mixed hit charting songs of old and new music perfectly. Sully and Shannon Larkin did one of the best drum battles i have seen in a long time…IT WAS EPIC !!!. Sully even stopped to hand / throw out a table of about  8-10 blue cups filled with beer to the crowd,,throwing then as far as he could and warning them to not to “f$cking drop any of the F$cking Beer !!”

Godsmack rolled into the second half of the show with iconic songs like “Straight Out Of Line” to “Speak” and the One and ONLY “VooDoo”, and ended the show with the band and the crowd singing ” I Stand Alone” as loud as they could so everyone could hear three counties over.!!

The show was a huge success even if mother nature tried to rain on the Festival..all and all it was one the memory bank as one of the best show so far this year.!!..Now that is just my opinion..HeHe

Set list for Godsmack is as followed:

  1. Encore:



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  1. @ Bryan – This article was outlined well, but please do a proof read the next time before publishing. I’m not trying to be some grammar nazi but damn was it difficult to understand in places! If I hadn’t been at the Festival I wouldn’t have known what you were even trying to say at times.
    The first paragraph alone has 2 fairly important missteps in it, and in the rest of the article there are mistakes in almost every sentence.

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