The Rabid Whole Streams New Single “Don’t Stop Now” From Upcoming EP “Problems” (Out September 23)

TRW 2014 - Promo Shot 1August 12, 2014 – Toronto based Alternative Rock band The Rabid Whole are currently streaming their new single ‘Don’t Stop Now‘ onYouTube. The single, originally premiering with Bloody Disgusting, is the first release from the band’s upcoming EP “Problems” (Out September 23rd). The dates of The Rabid Whole’s North American tour with Cyanotic, “The Teminatour,” will be announced shortly.

Check out The Rabid Whole “Don’t Stop Now”:

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After a year of all kinds of monumental bullshit, we’re finally ready to release the aptly titled, ‘Problems’. We’ve gone to musical places where we haven’t gone before and can’t wait for our fans to hear it. I feel this is some of our strongest/deepest material to date. We’ve got an exciting few months coming up touring North America and will be rockin’ a city near you.Andreas Weiss [The Rabid Whole]


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