Dave Matthews Band ..#DMB2SETS rolled into Jacksonville Florida to a SOLD OUT SHOW !!

Jacksonville, Florida – July 15th  2014-Last night was a sentimental evening for Dave Matthews Band fans in Jacksonville, Florida, because the band played for the first time ever in the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Judging from the sold out audience, we think it’s safe to say fans were pretty pleased.

Dave Matthews Band put on another amazing show. They did 2 sets, the first was acoustic then an electric set, both were amazing. They played both old song and new. There was a great mix of both songs.Really liked opening with the classic 90’s songs, throwing in the newer stuff in between the hits.The smaller, cozier sets not only allow fans to clearly hear each instrument and the beautiful melodies DMB has to offer – on top of enjoying a rare acoustic viewing from the band – but also lets the group pick some numbers they’re not so used to playing, such as “Minarets” and the unreleased “Write a Song.”

Dave and the band made the crowd feel at home by thanking them may time for coming out to see the show and hoped they were enjoying it.

To a degree, the band is opening up for themselves, which Matthews joked about during the concert, saying, “Thank you to Dave Matthews Band for letting us start the show this evening.”

Now in their third decade as a group, DMB chose to stick with their Summer Set Lists, which have grown to become very popular, and rid themselves of the usual supporting acts, splitting the concert into two sets. It’s been a new format they’ve latched onto during their 2014 summer tour, kicking off each show with an intimate acoustic set.

Great jam on Warehouse, the encore was great ending with Grey Street.This was one of the best Dave shows I’ve ever seen. He played two sets, rather than having an opening band, and that made the evening so much more special. His playlist was a mix of old and new, as well as several “live only” songs.

The band is full of talented musicians. The crowd participates joyfully. It’s always exciting to talk with other fans and anticipate the set list and rejoice when the next song starts, no matter which of the hundreds of songs DMB play!

Run, don’t walk, to see DMB this summer! Been going for 10+ years and this is BY FAR the best tour yet!!

The best song of the night: “Sledge hammer” (Peter Gabriel cover)

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