“From Indian Lakes” Rocks a Crowded Underbelly in Downtown Jacksonville Florida.

Jacksonville,FL  – July, 14 2014 – Indie rockers “From Indian Lakes” rolled in to Jacksonville Florida on their third stop of the tour with Rx Bandits, and The Dear HuntersFrom Indian Lakes will be releasing new album,Absent Sounds’, on October 7th, 2014 via Triple Crown Records, Produced by  Dryw Owens.

Started in 2007 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi, From Indian Lakes has since expanded to include Justin Stanphill (guitar and vocals), Chris Kellogg (bass and vocals), Tohm Ifergan (drums), and Enrique Gutierrez (keys and vocals).

From Indian Lakes started off the show to a packed Underbelly to a warm and humid day in down town Jacksonville, But that didn’t seem to bother the fans that were lined up to get into the the show that started at 8 pm sharp.The crowd quickly filtered into the venue to get their spot up front so get the best view they can to see the act.

Now, I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about From Indian Lakes live show and music in general in the past year plus, so I was quite interested in how it would be. Well, hand claps fired into the perfect opener selection of “Label this love.” From this point forward, From Indian Lakes owned the stage, playing song off their “Able Bodies” and new tracks off “Absent Sounds“. The thing you really realize when seeing this band live is how jarring their song structure can be – the quick changes from melodic softer moments to sudden full volume moments dominates the room. Take the cathartic yelling of “We are sick” during that track or the sudden yelling of “I think I wanted to get away” in “Paintings.” These moments of absolute chaos amid harmony really stand out in the live setting, and they stuck with me all night.The flow of the set went on with with tracks like We are sick,Stay outside, and Sleeping limbs – every track had something. Simply put, From Indian Lakes’ live show speaks for itself, as the band changes tempos and moods like the flick of a switch.

With From Indian Lakes having even more energy and emphasis live than on record, this show was definitely a memorable one. If you haven’t seen From Indian Lakes, I highly recommend trying to catch them soon, as the songs carry over quite well to the live setting – sing-alongs, people. The band seemed to mesh well on this new tour with sounds of Rx Bandits and The Dear Hunters.

So if you see the name “From Indian Lakes” on a bill in your town..GO SEE THEM !!

The set list:

Label this love
We are sick
Stay outside
Sleeping limbs
Breaking my bones
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