Rebelution set St. Augustine on Fire, They had the packed crowd up on their feet dancing and singing to every song.

Rebelution took the stage and ran with it, They put on one hell of a show and you could tell by the way the crowd was reacting ..Dancing, moving, raising their hands and clapping to in approval to every some that was played,..It was and EPIC show as one fan stated..Here are a few other quotes that we got from some of the fans that went to the show.

“Everyone put on an incredible show. Rebelution was absolutely unbelievable. I would love to see such amazing groups come back. Seriously though, best show I’ve been to, hands down.”

“BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE! I loved being in the amphitheater because all standing I could NOT have seen anything because I’m super short. All 4 performances were amazing, and everyone sounded even better live. Such a great time!”

What a show!!!!!! Can’t wait to see them again. New album is just as excellent as previous ones. The band members looked like they were having a blast on stage, it’s obvious how much they love to entertain. Loved the horns!!!!!!

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