“The Green” ..lights up the St. Augustine Amphitheater this past Friday to a packed house.

The Green-7891The Green performed a fantastic show, it was really nice seeing such a great band perform live. I had no idea how all of the guys sung, and they each have such wonderful voices with their own special sound. Truly enjoyable, I can’t wait to see them play again!The concert was amazing! The best reggae band I have seen live! True jawaiian reggae. There sound is like no other cant wait to see them again!

The Green is touring with Reblelution “Count me in” tour, and they just rolled up on St.¬†Augustine Florida to a packed house, Here is what some of the fans are saying about the band and the tour with Stick Figure, Iration, Rebelution

“There is no amount of praise in this world to sum up how fantastic these guys are. The first song I heard of theirs was “Never” on Directv’s Reggae music channel. It intrigued me so much that I checked them out instantly on iTunes and I fell in love immediately. It has been soooo long since I have found a reggae band that speaks to my soul about love, hope, humanity and being strong. These guys are the real deal as their albums have proved that by reaching the Billboards Reggae Charts.”
“I saw them at HOB Anaheim for their Liars & Lovers tour this was my first time seeing them live! The entire vibe was just amazing- the way they played and sang was just like listening to them through my headphones. The event was SOLD OUT the crowd couldn’t get enough of them and persuaded The Green to come back out for an encore and they sang not ONE song but SEVERAL MORE.”
“Every opening band was awesome and the green killed it! All the bands walking around and meeting fans was pretty sick too, me and my buddies were hanging with the guys from the movement and the green for a while and talked about music and what not! Definitely going to another show soon!”

I can not wait to see them live again and I HOPE that they make sure to sing “Something About It”
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