Willie Nelson…At his Best !!. @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Willie showcased why he is one of the best,.Playing to a sold out show in the Historic St. Augustine Florida in the St. Augustine Amphitheatre. He came with his friends and family,.Alison Krauss and Union Station are so talented .They we the perfect opener for the legend know as Willie Nelson..Truly enjoyed the variety of instruments and their wonderful voices.

Alison Krauss and Union Station ended up being the highlight of the night. Alison and Co. were excellent. It is always nice when the sound on stage is as good as what they produce in the studio. Played some of their best stuff and a little bit of new. The Devil Makes Three (TDMT). The group presented a mix of bluegrass and blues with kind of a punky edge. A really cool sound. I would recommend TDMT.

Willie played for an hour and a half, He played one song after the other, took brief breaks for water, or to change bandanna, but sister would play the piano while he took the break. He finished one song and went right into another. Great show for an 81 year old entertainer.

Willie Nelson is a national icon and this show was all about showcasing his uncanny talent. Late career icons often hide behind younger talent to carry their shows, but not the case here. There was plenty of talent on the stage as back up, but this was clearly a Willie show. The supporting cast was given ample opportunity to step forward and display their skills, but in no way, did they overshadow Willie. From awesome guitar rifts, to some comedy intertwined in the music, to the melodic voice that is distinctly his, the was Willie at his best.

Here is what some of his fans are saying…

“Amazing. Alison was very good…just as you would expect…memorable. And, Willie delivered full-out. He came out strong and focused…and held very strong throughout. His vocal were very good, and his guitar playing was over-the-top. In reality…Willie performed on par with where he was 20 years ago. I had some hesitations…but, they were unfounded. Given Willie’s long consistent music and influence…and his super strong performance…this was one of my top-5 concerts ever. May 2014 Concert was in Greensboro in a 2,400 seat venue…right size, right crowd, right experience.”  Steve

I knew Willie Nelson could pen great songs and lyrics, but I didn’t know he was an awesome guitarist. He may be an elder statesman, but he’s still a showman in his eights.” Shirley



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