” Welcome To Rockville” Day II…Turns Jacksonville Florida in The Loudest Place on Earth !! With the likes of Pretty Reckless, Nothing More, Lacuna Coil,Butcher Babies, Rob Zombie and Korn

The weather for Day 2 was greatly improved with some clouds providing much needed relief from the sun and a brisk breeze off the river.  Once again, the bands were playing to a sold-out crowd which initially was much quieter than Saturday.

Everything about both days of the event took my breath away. I will certainly be returning for Rockville 2015! The selection of bands that played were nothing short of incredible. This is also my first concert in an open park area. I’m used to being in amphitheaters etc., but this was the real deal. The stages at the event were top-notch. The lights and special effects really added a lot of hype to the headlining bands.

However, that quiet did not last long.  Pretty Reckless and Butcher Babies turned up the heat to extreme and left the crowds sweaty and begging for more.  Black Stone Cherry took the stage with frenetic energy and never stopped for the entire set.

On the Jägermeister stage, Lacuna Coil brought their gothic melodies followed later in the day by Motionless In White’s growling, harsh vocals.  Staind took the east stage and performed all their well known selections.

Rob Zombie was the hit of the day with the biggest crowds of the entire two day event and more energy than humanly possible regaling the crowd with his gruff heavy metal vocals, amazing sets, lighting and makeup.

Korn closed the festival, playing to an enormous crowd on the west stage.

Just a few quotes from some of the amazing fans we spoke with:

“Probably one of the greatest lineups they have ever had at Rockville and it was simply amazing. I hope they continue to do this every year and keep making it better!”

“My first ever concert! Oh what an unforgettable experience! The bands were awesome.”- Jason

“AMAZING event, they had great bands and wonderful event planning.  I will do this festival every year!!!”- Erin

“The event was killer, can’t wait for next year! The only issue I had was having to leave the performances early to get a good spot, all the way across the venue, for the next performance; but completely worth every step!”- Steve

“Amazing concert!! I love the way the venue was set up. The band line up was awesome! I am 100% happy w the concert.  I Will be making a trip to Jacksonville again next year!”-alex


Review by Karen Hart

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