Lullwater @ Freebird Live – The NEW grunge with a southern flare.

Lullwater come to us from the streets of Athens, Georgia where they honed their skills playing in a basement on Lullwater Drive. The band consists of John Strickland (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals), Brett Strickland (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Joe Wilson (Drums) and Roy ‘Ray’ Beatty (Bass Guitar). They all met in 2007 and morphed into Lullwater in 2010. They recorded their first album, Silhouette, shortly after and released it through Spectra Records in 2011. During this time, the band went from playing parties to hitting the road and doing over 150 shows a year.

If you like the 90’s sound of the Seattle era, you are going to love LULLWATER. These guys play southern influenced modern day hard rock with a mix of grunge. They take the classic sound of the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains then mix it up with some Seether.They do it in a way that gives them their own clear, raw, distinct rock ‘n roll sound without being a derivative of any of these listed bands.

Lullwater are currently out on tour with PASSAFIRE and GRAVY.They took Freebird Live by storm with their set of true rock. By the end of this first song, Lullwater sucked the audience in and toward the stage. Lullwater followed the rest of their set with, Waste Yourself, Broken Wings, Let Me Out/Get A Life, Albatross, and Tug Of War.

They interacted with the crowd very well talking with them and even letting everyone know that some of their band members family were there supporting them. They ripped through tracks like “Oddline” and “Albatross”- which makes for great head bobbing and fist pumping with its heavy bass, edgy drums, catchy guitar groove, and growling anthemic vocals. At one point the mosh pit got large and you could see the crowd was getting into their sound with the energy of the kids running and swinging in the mosh with the energy they were just waiting to release.

Lullwater definitely left the stage with a room full of new found fans!

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