Fuel new Single ” Soul To Preach To

Fuel return with a brand new single Soul To Preach to. The first track features on their upcoming albumPuppet Strings, scheduled to hit stores on March 4. It also is the first record with original frontman Brett Scallions since 2003. By the way, it is a new successful start. They keep fresh the elements that have made their success while bringing something different on the rock scene. The main guitar riff is upbeat and pretty original joined by a gorgeous sounding acoustic guitar coupled with beautiful lyrics. Both heavy and anthemic  with a catchy bluesier-rock vibe, Soul To Preach To displays a mid-tempo alongside a burning intensity level . It is exciting. Listen to it loud. We do not get tired of the song. Pre-order your copy of Puppet Strings on Amazon. Grab it now at this location ! You can stream the song here.Image

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