Panic! (not really) at the Tabernacle

Last night, the Tabernacle was evacuated after its floors were deemed unstable, cutting short a performance by emo-pop band Panic! At the Disco.

A fire marshall calmly led the packed crowd outside of the Downtown venue after reports of cracks in the floor, and the venue was then considered unsafe, according to Officer Kim Jones, an Atlanta police spokesman, and Channel 2 Action News.

According to a Tabernacle press release, “the safety of every fan, performer and crew member at the Tabernacle is our top priority.”

Concert attendee Jessica Sullivan, who was stationed on the left side of the main floor, only knew something was wrong when she saw security pushing the crowd back.

“When Panic! [At the Disco] started to play, the entire crowd rushed forward,” she says. “They only got through two songs before [lead singer] Brendon Urie stopped playing and said ‘I guess you guys were rocking so hard you broke the floor!'”

Around 1 a.m., the Tabernacle released posted the following statement on their Facebook page:


The safety of all at The Tabernacle – fans, performers and crew – is our number one priority and we will always side with caution. We were completely impressed with how calmly everyone left the building when directed by the Fire Marshall. The Tabernacle is a historical 100 year old building. We will be meeting with a structural engineer ASAP to make sure the building is safe for another 100 years.



The Tabernacle is currently meeting with structural engineers, and tonight’s show featuring country singer Corey Smith has been canceled and rescheduled for Sat., May 10, according to a press release.

Additionally, last night’s ticket-holders will be refunded.

On Panic! At the Disco’s Facebook page, the band stated, “Holy shit, Atlanta, we broke the venue with our floor-collapsing ROCK! Glad everyone’s ok, even though it still sucks we can’t play. We’ll see your beautiful faces in the summer.”

Opened in 1910 as a religious institution, the Tabernacle has been used for music performance since Atlanta hosted the Olympics in 1996, and is now operated by Live Nation, according to its website.

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