Hammett could record with Exodus



Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett says it would be a “great idea” if he was invited to appear on the next album from former band Exodus.

He’s credited with having named the outfit – often known as the fifth big band of thrash – before leaving in 1983 to replace Dave Mustaine in Metallica.

Last month it was confirmed Hammett would rejoin Exodus during their encore at his Fear FestEvil horror convention in San Francisco this weekend.

He spoke to 107.7 The Bone with former bandmate Gary Holt, who’s also been working with Slayer since the sidelining of the late Jeff Hanneman.

Holt described the new Exodus material as “insane – new-level brutality,” adding: “It’s so heavy, people are going to poop themselves.”

Asked about a guest appearance on the record, Hammett said: “What a great idea! I’m totally down with that.”

Meanwhile, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo returned to action during a Hollywood club gig with former band Infectious Grooves at the weekend, alongside Mike Muir and Dean Pleasants of Suicidal Tendencies, Steven Perkins of Jane’s Addiction and Big Jim Martin, ex of Faith No More. Watch the video below.

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