MOTLEY CRUE’s NIKKI SIXX Talks About PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN’s Tragic Death – Hair Metal Mansion

On this past Monday’s (February 3) edition of his syndicated radio show “Sixx Sense”, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx spoke about the tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman of an apparent drug overdose this weekend and Nikki’s own struggle with addiction. You can now listen to the segment here.

“The part that hits me the hardest is that [Philip] was sober for 22 years, and he just had got out of a 10-day detox in May,” Nikki said. “So it goes to show you that your addiction is sort of waiting there in the shadows — the monster — and it doesn’t care if it’s five years or 22 years or 30 years. It’s just sitting there going, ‘Hey, when you’re ready, I’ll gladly come out and participate again.’ And it happens. It’s happened to me. I understand slipping. I understand that it is something when you get into using again, you just don’t think you’re gonna die. You don’t think you’re going to destroy a family, you don’t think that you’re going to let down everybody around you. Or, if you’re a public figure, you’re going to completely destroy all these people that have invested time in loving you. And this man had all those things.”

He added: “What I’ve seen in the past has been [that] you don’t stay connected with the program, you don’t stay connected with those messages and, basically, all it’s doing is what I’m doing right now, which is saying, ‘Hey, I’m waiting.’ And it’ll be things like traffic — it’s like, ‘I’m so sick of this traffic and my girlfriend’s nagging me and I’ve got all this pressure from this business I’m in and this and that.’ And then you go to an AA meeting, and it’s, like, those are really small problems from when you were laying in a gutter, [expletive] ants and throwing up all over yourself. This is like, serious, small problems. And you go, ‘That’s right.’ And then there’s literature, and there’s public speakers, and there’s group conversations. People say, ‘Yeah, man, I’ve been through the same thing you’re going through right now.’ And you realize, ‘It’s my addiction.’ Because if you carry resentment and anger and you’re not able to move out of that place that I call sitting in your [expletive], if you stay in it, eventually, you get so uncomfortable that you go, ‘I’m looking for an alternative to why I’m feeling bad.’ And guess what? Right then, the monster in your head goes, ‘Hello, old friend.’ And that’s how it starts.”

MOTLEY CRUE’s NIKKI SIXX Talks About PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN’s Tragic Death – Hair Metal Mansion.

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